Azazel and Rias’ relationship is not clear, nonetheless they seem to have a casual reference to both

Azazel and Rias’ relationship is not clear, nonetheless they seem to have a casual reference to both

Xenovia try Rias’ previous second Knight. Originally on the opposite sides after they basic fulfilled, Xenovia cautioned Rias along with her servants you to definitely she’ll hit him or her down when they interfere with this lady purpose. While they were able to create a shared alliance when they encountered a common challenger in the way of Kokabiel. Xenovia sooner joined Rias’ peerage however, considered if or not she made good error. The woman is now a dedicated and you can reliable servant plus friend of Rias however, she takes into account the girl because the a romance competition since she began attempting to have Issei’s youngsters and very quickly install intimate thinking to possess Issei due to the fact show progresses.

Irina Shidou

Irina isn’t a member of Rias’ peerage but is area of one’s Angel’s member of the Allied Forces that will be a person in Michael’s Daring Saints. Like Xenovia, Irina has also been to begin with named a potential opponent against Rias but got little to no animosity towards Devil. Irina have perhaps bared good grudge whenever Xenovia got registered the girl nevertheless these ideas had been in the near future went after the comfort treaty and you may discovering precisely why Xenovia leftover. Today new both of them mutually envision one another good friends however, Rias in addition to notices Irina as the a rival because she actually is Issei’s youthfulness pal who may have got a great smash into Issei since they certainly were little, and today sexually crazy about your. Just after addressing Irina in the the girl youthfulness with Issei, the 2 feel closer, since Rias no further address Irina which have an honorific.

Gasper Vladi

Rias’ basic Bishop. Just like the their efforts was basically volatile before the series, he had been close regarding the Academy from the Rias, and you may wasn’t seen once again up until Frequency cuatro of your own light novels. Rias cares getting Gasper such as for instance a tiny brother, delivering upset during the Khaos Brigade getting kidnapping and making use of your given that a hack for the peace treaty involving the Three Groups. Rias was shown to help his need to save yourself their teens friend Valerie Tepes, given that she visited Romania by herself in order to learn this new roots off Gasper’s mysterious efforts additionally the disease in regards to toward Municipal Combat among the many vampires. Gasper notices Rias as a mature brother type of figure possesses first started making reference to the woman given that therefore shortly after she graduated and are no more this new club president.


Rossweisse was Rias’ former next Rook that is very faithful in order to the hookup near me Sunnyvale lady. Its had been already partners a bit just before she turned into Rias’ slave but their relationship simply most come whenever Rias showed the girl a beneficial package explaining just how much a good reincarnated Demon manage earn benefits she perform receive. Which struck a specific wire inside Rossweisse one appealed in order to her economic eccentricity. She is and a love rival because she decrease in love having Issei in the Regularity 17, when she asked Rias’ consent to own Issei to behave because their sweetheart facing this lady grandmother, Rias acceptance it yet not hesitantly. Rias shows higher have confidence in Rossweisse’s abilities, to such an extent you to she experienced it actually was best to import this lady so you can Issei’s peerage.

Ravel Phenex

The woman is Riser’s more youthful cousin, and also have several other competitor getting Issei’s like when she moved within the having him during the Regularity 10 of the white books. She does not mind provided she is having him. The two are very a little intimate while the seen after they arranged an excellent rematch between Rias’ and you may Riser’s peerages over beverage.


However, Rias gets aggravated at Azazel whenever the guy spends Issei as the an enthusiastic experimental subject or provides him tips to reduce their virginity, but do apparently continue to have good relationship with your.